Story Start 12: Fair warning

Derek glanced at the clock and cringed. Only ten more minutes. Sweat made his pants stick to the desk chair. In front of him, Sera was leaning back in her seat, hands laced behind her head, making a big show of the fact she was already finished.

“Three minutes!” announced Mr. Olmstead, with what Derek could only interpret as glee.

Story Start 10: In the beginning

“Fretting the beginning?” Radnor asked. He laughed before I could answer. “Silly, silly boy. Don’t you realize the beginning doesn’t matter?”

I looked around the room. Its dingy gray walls were marked with scuffs, stains, and even some writing in a language I couldn’t decipher from my place at the table. I felt the ropes digging into my ankles, holding them tight against the chair legs.