Ear of the beholder: Haunting music

Have you ever listened to music that is spooky or haunting? Perhaps it made you feel uneasy. Maybe it evoked an eerie feeling.

Just shy of one year ago, I posted a list of songs I found haunting, so it seems fitting that I should have at least one such post during this Halloween season. Instead of including a slew of videos, though, I want to focus on one band in particular that has consistently produced songs that I feel fit in the genre of haunting music.

Help! Trivia is eating my brain

Help! Trivia is eating my brain

My brain is nearly full, and a lot of the space in there is taken with the oddest, most useless things.

Some of the trivia that is wasting memory space are random quotes and song lyrics. I’m not talking about quotes from Shakespeare or lyrics from…well, from whatever might qualify as worthwhile in the realm of song lyrics. No, I’m talking about quotes from TV shows or movies, and lyrics from old sitcoms.

A musical journey from nostalgia to the bizarre

Do you still listen to the music you listened to when you were a kid? Or have you moved on to newer, fresher music?

I know many people my age* who still listen to stuff they used to listen to in high school or college. For the most part, I’ve left those old favorites behind in favor of music that is new to me. Partly that’s because after listening to the same songs so many times, I get tired of them, but it’s also that my tastes change over time.

Kreativ award post, part 1 (cheater’s version)

So the weekend happened. I decided not to write the official Kreativ award post until after the weekend. Then it was Memorial Day. Now it’s Tuesday.

Last Thursday, Cindy Dwyer nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger award. (Thank you Cindy!)

As I started to answer the questions that are part of accepting the award, I got stuck on question number one. That’s when I realized I need more than one post to respond to the questions and random facts. As a starting point, here’s my answer to question #1: