Blogging the Alphabet

Marked-up mapHi. It’s been awhile. How have you been?

Last I posted, we lived in Bend, Oregon. That was so two cities ago.

Now we’re back in Bellingham via Portland.

All our moves since 2011 have formed a lowercase ‘b’ on the maps of Washington and Oregon. I just hope we stop with that and not move to, say, Wenatchee to start forming an uppercase ‘B’.  (more…)

Gone round the Bend

Hello. (*tap tap*) Is this thing still on? Oh, hi. I’m glad you’re here. I thought I should check in, y’know, see how things are going.

Did I mention we’re living in Bend (Oregon) now? It may have slipped my mind. Long story short, we moved from Medford to Bend and, being budding nomadicists, we moved within Bend once more. The shorter story is that we now live in the same city as Allie from Hyperbole and a Half. (If you haven’t checked out her blog, I highly encourage you to do so. Or, you can get her book, Hyperbole and a Half.) If I’m (or you’re) lucky, some small bit of her blogging prowess will wear off on me. (more…)

Gray, grey

Good Grief in Grey

I have always been confused about the correct spelling of gray/grey. I’ve seen both and yet have resisted doing the research to answer which one I should use. The resistance comes because I suspect gray is more correct, but I like grey better.

It turns out, either one is correct! Gray is more common in the U.S. and grey is more common pretty much everywhere else. (Wow, what a surprise.)

So, I think I’ll go with grey. Which one do you prefer?

Blogging from A to Z banner

Fractals for the fun of it

For fun, I’m going to brazenly steal from another A to Z blogger, BuddhaKat, and post some of the fractals I’ve made over the years. Fractals are mathematical constructs, but there is software available that lets the user create visual fractal patterns without necessarily knowing anything about the math.

For the following fractals I used the program Ultra Fractal, and did some post-processing in Photoshop or ACDSee to crop and resize the original fractal images. Click on the images for larger sizes. (more…)

A to E: This is the end

Multiple choice answer sheetI got up on the wrong side of bed this morning. That’s a strange figure of speech. I always get up on the same side of the bed. How can the same side be right one day and wrong the next?

Actually, that’s not so hard to imagine. In a multiple-choice test, (A) might be the right answer one time and wrong the next. But in the case of bed-get-upping, I think sometimes the “wrong” side of the bed is really any side of the bed.

So today (well, tomorrow, technically) is E-day. It’s about ennui*, and about exiting before the end. Or, to recap the letters to this point: Abort! Belay that order! Cease and Desist! End this madness! (more…)

Cerulean (color)

Cerulean BlueCerulean.

This post is really just a celebration of the word itself. Pronounced \sə-ˈrü-lē-ən\, the word is smooth, silky and soft. Every vowel, every consonant plays its role, none hiding in silence.

It’s a beautiful word, too. It starts with the softly curved C in its soft voice and eases into the second, strongest syllable, before the tall L partitions the word into two halves. Say the word. It almost begs to be savored.  (more…)


Why because? Because! That’s why.

If why is the question, because is the answer. The two go together like…well, like antagonist and protagonist. Or something.

Because precedes the reason for or the cause of.

Because also happens to be the key word in a story-building exercise I learned in improv called “Because of that…” I’ve played two versions of the game. Both have to do with cause and effect, but where one goes forward in time, the other works backward. (more…)

Agonist (Day 1 of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge)

Blogging from A to Z badgeToday marks the beginning of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. During April, I will be posting on each letter of the alphabet. As with last year’s challenge, I have no particular theme. Maybe it’s the Random in me that prefers to let the day’s letter inspire a word that inspires the post.

It all started with the word antagonist. Given my interest in reading, writing, storytelling, and improv, I naturally thought of an antagonist’s role in a story. However, when I looked up the definition, I remembered from exercise physiology that antagonist also refers to a muscle that opposes the agonist or prime mover. (more…)