Killer K

Graph of Dictionary Pages per Letter

Have you ever had to play some alphabet game where you had to come with words that start with a certain letter?

If so, you probably know that some letters are really challenging. Of course, there are the usual suspects. I’m looking at you, X, Z and Q.

Then there are those letters that you don’t fear because you just know that there are plenty of words that start with them, like S, T and R.

Then there’s K.

Freeware: Five Favorites

Free is good, right? Sometimes, it’s surprisingly good, as I’ve found with the freeware listed below.

By “freeware” I mean software that is free, including open source software. While sometimes the “free” software has limited features or only works for a trial period, other freeware is fully functional with the only cost being an optional donation to the developer to support their work.

Over the years, I’ve found some really nifty utilities that deserve mention.

Diabolically Delightful Dante

Dante with wide eyes

A few years ago, we adopted a beautiful sable cat. He was already named Dante, and we liked the name, so we kept it.

I’m not sure why it is, but I associate the name ‘Dante’ with something slightly sinister. It’s probably because of the association with The Divine Comedy combined with another D-name, Damien, from The Omen.)

Book Betrayal

A couple of years ago, I bought a Kindle eBook reader. I was conflicted at the time. There’s a lot to be said for holding an actual book made of paper. It feel different with the heft and texture of the paper. It’s nostalgic, familiar.

But I was nonetheless intrigued by the idea of fitting hundreds of books into something roughly the size of a Cliff Notes.

Blogging the Alphabet

Marked-up map

Last I posted, we lived in Bend, Oregon. That was so two cities ago.

Now we’re back in Bellingham via Portland.

All our moves since 2011 have formed a lowercase ‘b’ on the maps of Washington and Oregon. I just hope we stop with that and not move to, say, Wenatchee to start forming an uppercase ‘B’.

Gone round the Bend

Hello. (*tap tap*) Is this thing still on? Oh, hi. I’m glad you’re here. I thought I should check in, y’know, see how things are going.

Did I mention we’re living in Bend (Oregon) now? It may have slipped my mind. Long story short, we moved from Medford to Bend and, being budding nomadicists, we moved within Bend once more.

Gray, grey

Good Grief in Grey

I have always been confused about the correct spelling of gray/grey. I’ve seen both and yet have resisted doing the research to answer which one I should use. The resistance comes because I suspect gray is more correct, but I like grey better.

A to E: This is the end

Multiple choice answer sheet

I got up on the wrong side of bed this morning. That’s a strange figure of speech. I always get up on the same side of the bed. How can the same side be right one day and wrong the next?

Actually, that’s not so hard to imagine. In a multiple-choice test, (A) might be the right answer one time and wrong the next. But in the case of bed-get-upping, I think sometimes the “wrong” side of the bed is really any side of the bed.

Haunted paintings, creepy dolls, and the uncanny valley

Creepy doll

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that the appearance of a doll in a music video prompted me to dig deeper into the subject. I’ve often found dolls creepy. I’m not talking about Barbies, “normal” dolls, or GI Joe. I’m talking about those old-school, porcelain dolls I’ve seen in movies, or like the one in the music video that got me started down this road. (The doll appears around 1:40 in the video, and sporadically throughout.)

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