BlogFestivus stampFor December 1st through the 12th of 2011, Blogdramedy set up a short story challenge and called it BlogFestivus.

The rules were simple. Each day, write a 144-word story incorporating that day’s gift from the song, “Twleve Days of Christmas.”

Below is a set of links pointing to each of my entries for the challenge.

BlogFestivus Day 1: Best laid plans
BlogFestivus Day 2: Precious
BlogFestivus Day 3: Two cautionary tales
BlogFestivus Day 4: The birds
BlogFestivus Day 5: A Christmas fantasy
BlogFestivus Day 6: Good bye
BlogFestivus Day 7: Word to the wise
BlogFestivus Day 8: Indulge me
BlogFestivus Day 9: The red rave
BlogFestivus Day 10: Boys will be boys
BlogFestivus Day 11: I want my daddy
BlogFestivus Day 12: The dark

As it happened, something about writing short led to a lot of characters dying off, so I created a table to track my body count:


Day Body Count Possible Moral
Day 1 0 Don’t land in a tree when parachuting with a bag full of money.
Day 2 2 Beware of pretty shiny things.
Day 3 2 Don’t let taunts get to you. Also, don’t play with explosives.
Day 4 1 Don’t mess with the birds.
Day 5 0 Fantasy doth not the place of reality take.
Day 6 2 Beware of falling in love with a goose.
Day 7 0 When a wise old witch-owl speaks, it pays to listen.
Day 8 7 Eat lightly and carry a big sword.
Day 9 301 Don’t attend a party hosted by someone who welds doors.
Day 10 0 Don’t underestimate your own strength.
Day 11 0 Don’t put the windows before the plumbing. Or, water always wins.
Day 12 12 Don’t take drumming gigs for witches. (Thanks, Lisleman.)
Total 327 Beware of the dark side during BlogFestivus.

I was joined in this insanity by my fellow BlogFestivus participants:

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