People are creative. People are weird.

While out and about in any of the cities where I’ve lived recently, I’ve encountered quirky or unexpected sights. Sometimes, I have encountered these while a camera was handy. Ergo:

"All your Barbies are belong to us"
The sign: “All your Barbies are belong to us”

When we moved to Ashland, changing cities was more of a novelty than it’s become. Because it was so new, I ended up taking my camera around more than usual. That is partly why there are so many pictures from there. Also, Ashland just seems to have a higher percentage of quirk than other places.

One of the first days I was in Ashland, I came across this mannequin head and immediately formed an impression of the town.

Further along the same trail, I hit a stretch of these alternative ways of recycling:

Then there’s the Monkey tree, and of course, a baseball-cap birdhouse.

Ah, but Bend and Bellingham have their own examples, including a couple of cemetery shrines.

Eclectically Eccentric Encounters
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