A few years ago, we adopted a beautiful sable cat. He was already named Dante, and we liked the name, so we kept it.

I’m not sure why it is, but I associate the name ‘Dante’ with something slightly sinister. It’s probably because of the association with The Divine Comedy combined with another D-name, Damien, from The Omen.)

Or, maybe it’s because our cat is what my mom would have called a schnickelfritz

We’ve had a lot of cats, but none with such relentlessly cheerful energy. As he runs rampant, he knocks things over, finds things deliberately hidden, and generally increases the chaos of our environment. He’s everywhere, but his fur is so dark, he can be virtually invisible and he’ll just appear out of nowhere.

In other words, he’s very entertaining. Thank you, Dante, for being so diabolically delightful!

Diabolically Delightful Dante
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