Back in the 80s, I had a psychedelic poster. It was huge and trippy, and it was filled with so much detail that I could stare at it and find new things for a long time. Of course, it helped to be in a, shall we say, altered state.

Moss Agate BowlAnother time, I had a similar experience with the abstract shapes in a moss agate bowl. By holding it up to a light, I could see all sorts of shapes in the intricate lines of the translucent stone.

Here are some abstract images I’ve made over the years that I find interesting to look at in part because there are so many little details at play. 

A photograph of a bonfire morphed into the image below. (Click on the images to see a larger version.)

Fire abstraction

This image is made up of many different photographs layered and altered in various ways:

Brush play abstract

Of course, fractals are an obvious category of abstract images:

Oddity - fractal

Flame fractal

Yeah, but is it art? Oh, that would have been a good subject for A-day. Alas.

Abstract on Acid
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