Bayview Cemetery in Bellingham, Washington has some great headstones, including this one:

Angel Eyes, Bayview Cemetery

The statue is nicknamed “Angel Eyes” and rumor has it that blood seeps out of her eyes during a full moon. 

During my visits to the cemetery, I did not witness anything like that. I also never wandered through the cemetery at night, something I actually wish I had done when I lived there.

There are other legends of Bayview being haunted, as this article in Western Washington University’s Associated Students’ paper discusses. Another article in the same publication includes some photos of the supposedly haunted spots in the cemetery.

If you read those articles, you’ll read about another grave in the cemetery nicknamed “The Deathbed.” The legend is that, if a person lies upon the monument, they curse themselves to an early death.

Though I had heard about “Angel Eyes” during the time I lived in Bellingham, I had not heard of “The Deathbed.” I can’t help but wonder if, had I know about the legend, I would have laid on top of it.

Do you have any legends of haunted places where you live? I’d love to hear about them.

Haunted Bellingham
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