Have you ever listened to music that is spooky or haunting? Perhaps it made you feel uneasy. Maybe it evoked an eerie feeling.

Just shy of one year ago, I posted a list of songs I found haunting, so it seems fitting that I should have at least one such post during this Halloween season. Instead of including a slew of videos, though, I want to focus on one band in particular that has consistently produced songs that I feel fit in the genre of haunting music.

The band is This Ascension. I’m not sure what exactly it is about their music, but one big factor is the lead singer’s voice. Dru Allen sings with a quirky quality I can’t describe. Whether it’s the timbre, or the way her voice approaches the pitch of the melody, it works well with the songwriting to create a mood I find both unsettling and delicious.

Here is a video of her singing a This Ascension song live during a performance in collaboration with Trance to the Sun.

As another example of their music, this is a studio recording of the song “Light and Shade.”

For whatever reason, I seem to be a sucker for female vocals. In these songs there are also moments of discord that adds to the eerie quality. This is illustrated in this song fittingly titled “Haunted” by Mirabilis, which features Dru Allen and Summer Bowman.

Of course, as with all music, each of us has our own tastes. You may simply not like this type of music. But, I suspect, even if you like these songs, you may not find them at all haunting.

So, what music do you find haunting?

Ear of the beholder: Haunting music
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