In honor of Halloween, I thought it would be fun to play a little game. For the 13 days leading up to it, I intend to post something that contains at least a whiff of the strange, bizarre, weird, haunting or macabre. Or at least the curious.

A few weeks ago, I visited the Eastwood Cemetery and took more photos. One thing I noticed that I had not seen a lot of before were plots outlined in stone, like this one:

Eastwood Cemetery burial plot

Often I visit cemeteries without picturing the fact that I’m walking over the buried remains of people. I mean, I know they’re down there, but it isn’t always obvious whether the particular patch of ground I’m standing on has a body beneath it.

But the plots at Eastwood bring attention to the very spot where someone was buried. The stones marking the rectangle over the grave serve to make the fact of a dead body more explicit and I found myself avoiding stepping within.

At one point, I came across this site where the headstone had been knocked off and removed.

Eastwood Cemetery unmarked burial plot

Whose body is spending eternity by marker 93? Something about this plot in an obscure corner of an old cemetery struck me as oddly lonely.

Have you ever just wandered through a cemetery? What have you felt as you’ve passed by so many graves?

Thirteen Days of Halloween
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