Do you still listen to the music you listened to when you were a kid? Or have you moved on to newer, fresher music?

I know many people my age* who still listen to stuff they used to listen to in high school or college. For the most part, I’ve left those old favorites behind in favor of music that is new to me. Partly that’s because after listening to the same songs so many times, I get tired of them, but it’s also that my tastes change over time.

Rarely does the music I used to love do much for me now besides trigger nostalgia for those long-gone days. Sure, I may appreciate the music and see why I liked it way back when, but after one listen, I’m ready to retire it back to the virtual dustbin.

So, it was a bit odd when, this last week, I found myself downloading music I haven’t listened to in years — music by Journey, Heart, Boston, Montrose, and Black Sabbath. 

Hearing those songs again inspired me to go onto YouTube and look for live performances of some of those old favorites. One thing led to another and, well, I am once again including music videos in a post, despite saying it was something I’d rarely do.

Oh well, I never claimed to be consistent.

Without further ado, I’ll start with [only] three nostalgia videos. This first one is Journey performing “Mother, Father” live. What can I say? Steve Perry has a great voice. And, he’s performing live yet still sounds as good as he does in a studio recording.

This is a live recording of “Mistral Wind” by Heart from their album, Dog and the Butterfly. But! The video is from a 2002 performance. That’s okay, though, because they do the song great justice. And Ann Wilson has such a strong voice… [Note: the stage banter in the video is done around 0:55]

I can’t not include something by Rush, a band I long considered my “favorite.” This is “Natural Science” from Permanent Waves. Again, this performance was well after the days of Permanent Waves, but it’s a good performance and the sound is decent. I loved the sound of the band, but I also really appreciated the lyrics** to their songs, most of which were written by Neil Peart, the band’s drummer.

As I mentioned, I mostly listen to newer music now. I’ve posted other music videos on here before, but I came across this video by School of Seven Bells for their song, “Lafaye.” I only “discovered” this song about a month ago, so it’s about as current as it gets.

I’ll end with two videos that are completely unrelated to the rest of this post except for the fact that they are music videos. This first one you may have seen since it was really making the rounds earlier this year. It’s from the TV show, “Britain’s Got Talent.” In this clip, two young people come out on stage to audition their piece and, well, watch it if you haven’t seen it. (The British TV show apparently doesn’t allow embedding their video, so you’ll have to follow the link to watch.)

Now I don’t really care for opera or most pop music, but the moment Jonathan starts singing, I get goosebumps, and that’s worth something.

And, finally, you have to know I couldn’t let a post end on such a sappy note, so let’s move on to the bizarre.

Need I say more?

* As for my age, let’s just say that I’m older than 40, but younger than 60 and leave it at that.

** Rush, “Natural Science” lyrics (partial), written by Neil Peart:

When the ebbing tide retreats
Along the rocky shoreline,
It leaves a trail of tidal pools
In a short-lived galaxy
Each microcosmic planet
A complete society

A simple kind of mirror
To reflect upon our own
All the busy little creatures
Chasing out their destinies
Living in their pools,
They soon forget about the sea

Wheels within wheels in a spiral array,
A pattern so grand and complex
Time after time we lose sight of the way,
Our causes can’t see their effects

A musical journey from nostalgia to the bizarre
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