Nine-dot problem diagramI think it’s important for you to know something about me.

I believe that my numerological life path number is 9. This is based on the numerical month, day and year I was born, using a method I read about once. *

But, what about the time I was born? Shouldn’t that count? If so, would I use military time, or AM/PM? Then there are time zones to consider. What about precision? Could the time just be to the minute, like 9:34? Or should it include seconds? Oh, but that would be silly! How many people track what second they were born? (Seriously. Do you know what second you were born?)

And what about the day of the week? Like, say I was born on a Friday, shouldn’t that matter? Let’s face it, Friday feels different than Monday. It seems as if that should be significant.

But, how would I convert the word “Friday” into a numerologically significant value? Maybe it’s as simple as saying ‘a’ = 1, ‘b’ = 2, and so on?

But, what if I were German? Then, Friday would be Freitag. Maybe the day of the week would have to be in a certain, “official” language for this all to work.

Sooo, to recap. I may have a life path number of 9, or I may not, and I thought it was important for you to know that.

* This method said to calculate the life path number by calculating the sum of the digits in your numerical birth date. For example, a person born on 8/16/1982 would add the digits (8 + 1 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 2) to get 35. The 35 further reduces by adding the digits 3 + 5 to get a final number of 8. I’ve seen other methods that differ, so the method I describe may not be “correct.” Whatever the final number is has certain meanings, which is kind of the point.

If you want to know what a given number means (or, really, if you want any useful information on numerology), you are in the wrong place. I’m sure Google will point you in more informative directions.

Getting to know me, numerological version

2 thoughts on “Getting to know me, numerological version

  • 08-17-2012 at 12:40 pm

    You could do the calculations for several cultural variations and then pick a new culture. If you like the German version, for example, then just start claiming that you’re German. This could be life-changing. Thanks to you I now know my number is 4 and I have no dea what that means!

    • 08-17-2012 at 1:05 pm

      Since I’m 3/4 German, claiming I’m German wouldn’t be a huge stretch. Of course, if we can just pick cultures willy-nilly, that makes me think I could just pick whatever number I want and than find a language to use so I can end up with that number.

      Come to think of it, that’s not such a bad way to go. It’s a bit like the Enneagram or MBTI — in both cases, your “type” is essentially self-selected, not assigned by birthdate, planetary configurations or other mechanisms.

      But, here’s a site where some brief descriptions of the numbers can be found. If you check it out… what number do you think is most fitting for yourself?

      (I’d probably go with 7 for myself, though 9 kind of works too.)


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