Forlorn. What a great word! It even looks cool.

I’m sad that I’ve been neglecting Random Says. I could make excuses, like I’ve been distracted with moving, or I’ve been setting up a new improv blog. Instead, here are five random things:

1. WordPress themes may be my downfall

I should say that choosing a WordPress theme may be my downfall. I have an idea what I want, but I have yet to find a theme that is perfect. Between there being so many to choose from, and my being indecisive, well.. let’s just say I have theme issues and leave it at that.

2. Spam Poetry (with thanks to the author, longchamp sale)

That’s a When I saw thin bone
such as wood of she,
it scared me After today, my brother
two people will be led
by government of people
into the Central Plains,
such as
your twenty-four hall and
thirteen principal chief of branch

[The text is taken verbatim from a spam comment I received. The line breaks are mine. I like the first three lines.]

3. Music share of the week

I once said I’d avoid posting a lot of music videos. Yet, here I am, posting a music video. It’s a long story how I got here. Let’s just say I was going to write a blurb about vocals in music and ended up with this completely instrumental video of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. I remember when I first heard of Bela Fleck years ago how odd it was to hear jazz banjo. But before this video, I’d never heard of jazz bassoon:

4. A Story Start

Michael shook his head, trying to shake the sweat that was dripping from his hair. Lynn quickly grabbed a rag from the toolbox and patted Michael’s forehead.

“Thanks,” Michael mumbled as he tried to reach the wires he needed to have any hope of defusing the bomb. His hands were steady, but he moved slowly. “This is a strange design,” he said. “I’m afraid I’ll have to…

5. A photo, Forlorn

Headstone in shadow

My blog is forlorn
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