Ham radio station, mid-70s
Our ham radio “station” circa 1976

Continuing with the Kreative Blogger award post, here are 10 random things about me.

  1. I learned Morse code when I was a kid so I could pass the test required to become a licensed amateur radio operator. My brother, Dad and I all got licenses and we spent a lot of time “chatting” with people around the world. My brother and I were really into it for awhile. I guess that might have made us a 70’s version of geeks
  2. I practiced Tae Kwon Do for 3 or 4 years in college until I fell during a jump turning backspin and hurt my shoulder. That injury caused problems for years after, probably because I kept practicing Tae Kwon Do and re-injuring my shoulder. Stupid. And frustrating.
  3. For some reason, if I’m prompted for a random word, I’m strangely likely to choose “yellow” or “egg.”
  4. Sometimes I calculate things just for fun.
  5. According to the Myers-Briggs Temperament Indicator, I’m an INFP, almost on the edge of INTP.
  6. I caused at least two head wounds to my brother that were bad enough to require stitches. Sorry, man. I’m pretty sure they were accidental.
  7. I have three old scars on my hands and arm, one from a hoe wielded by my brother, one from a box-cutter, and one from a broken off walkie-talkie antenna.
  8. Whirlyball is one of the funnest games I’ve ever played. Two teams try to score goals using a Wiffle ball and plastic scoops. Oh and all the players ride in bumper cars.
  9. As a kid, I would sometimes sneak a sip of wine or cognac from my parents’ stash. My mom busted me one day by casually asking, “So was that wine good?” She said it so straight, I automatically answered yeah before realizing I had just confessed. Well played, Mom.
  10. Some of my earliest memories are of forty acres of land we owned near Antigo, WI. The land was wooded, with areas of brush and hilly grassland. A stream ran through it that we fished for trout. The stream led to a pond my brother and I waded in to catch tadpoles. It was also on this land that I opened a big gash on my brother’s forehead by swinging a branch at him. I’m pretty sure we were playing, not fighting. Either way, it was an accident. Really.


I’ll post a final installment to the award post series later.

I will likely add some photos to this post later in the day.

Kreativ award post part 4, Ten Random Things

2 thoughts on “Kreativ award post part 4, Ten Random Things

  • 06-04-2012 at 6:28 pm

    Great, fun facts. We probably would have been trouble if we’d played together as children.

    I practiced Tae Kwon Do for one season. I shattered a bone in my foot kicking a CUSHION. What would have happened had it been a board???

    I also almost impaled my sister with a lawn jart – back in the day when these were life sized darts. It sliced through the lawn chair she was sitting it, right between her legs.

    • 06-04-2012 at 6:36 pm

      If we had gotten past my shyness, of course.

      Tae Kwon Do can be kinda brutal. I seemed to always be nursing a sprained thumb or jammed toe. I don’t think I ever shattered a bone, though. If you were kicking with the ball of your foot, I almost think you would have been *less* apt to have hurt your foot with a board than a cushion.

      Jarts! I haven’t thought of those in years! We never had those, but neighbors did. I always thought they were an impalement waiting to happen. I’m glad your sister didn’t end up being one. Though, yikes!


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