Continuing with the Kreative Blogger award post, here are the last of the ten questions I was to answer. (See previous posts for Answer 1 and Answers 2 to 4.)

5. Which is your favorite pet?

Rory about to climb a ladder
Rory, seconds before getting into trouble

Aaaaand, we’re back to favorites. This question is not so different from being asked to pick a favorite child. My mom always made a big point of saying to my brother and me, “I love you both just the same.” But I’m not going to play that game.

My favorite pet just meowed as he reached up and patted my elbow with his paw. Now he’s licking himself. Ah, Rory. He really is a delightful creature, even when he’s being an annoying little bastard.


6. Which do you prefer, black or white?

Black. No, white! Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhh!


7. What is your biggest fear?

Well, that’s a little personal, isn’t it?

I’ll go with an easy one. Fear of falling. I feel it whenever I’m up high and there’s a possibility of falling. The intensity of the fear is proportionate to the perceived probability of actually falling.

So, standing on the deck at the top of the Space Needle evokes only a minor amount of fear, let’s say a 2 on a scale from 0 to 10. Standing on Deception Pass Bridge evokes more of a 4-5 fear, even though there’s a railing all the way along. Partly it’s the mesmerizing effect of looking down at the currents that blast through the Pass. Green eddies, moving swirls, cruising boats (or struggling boats, depending on their direction) make for a hypnotic view. And the railing is low enough it would technically be possible to lean just a little too far…

The worst for me is on a steep slope, off-trail in the mountains, on icy snow or wet vegetation or loose scree. In those situations my fear-o-meter goes to 8 at least.


8. What is your attitude mostly?

Antisocial, except when I’m being social. Wait, attitude about what? Leaf blowers? I may have to get back to you on this one.


9. What is perfection?

Perfection is an ideal that is constantly changing into something that can not be attained.


10. What is your guilty pleasure?

Funny, I think I’ve mentioned guilty pleasures a couple of times before. So, I have to pick a new guilty pleasure.

I’ll go with movies to stick with the media theme (TV shows and video games) I’ve been following. To be a guilty pleasure, I am thinking of movies I liked a lot while being embarrassed about liking them.

I could go with a “classic” like Caddyshack or Animal House. But, the fact that so many people have seen those movies makes them somehow less embarrassing to like. Instead, here are two movies that are more obscure so liking them seems less acceptable.

The Man Who Knew Too Little does star Bill Murray, so it has that going for it. Which is nice.

I haven’t run into a lot of people who have seen it, though. I saw it in a theater with a friend and our faces and bellies hurt from laughing so hard. It’s a movie that doesn’t take much seriously, so if that type of light comedy doesn’t appeal to you, this movie might not either. But I think the very fact that the movie doesn’t take itself seriously is precisely why I like it so much.

Everyone in the film seems to be having a blast and, as you’ll see, I’m a sucker for that. I swear Murray was improvising half the time. To me the movie was just fun to watch. The plot was absurd, but whacky, and the whole thing was good-natured.

Hmm, that reminds me of Galaxy Quest and Mystery Men, both of which were fun, good-natured and quirky. Consider those runner-ups for this post since I had already decided on the second movie.

Bring It On is probably the best “guilty pleasure” movie to confess to. It’s a movie about high school cheerleaders. It’s amusing, but not hilarious, so why do I like it so much?

Somehow, everyone in this movie seems to be having a genuinely good time. The dialogue is snappy and the actors all bring a fun verve to their parts. The fun they’re having is infectious. There are also some hilarious scenes like the ones with Sparky Polastri , a cheerleading “choreographer” whose part looks like it was a blast to play. It’s almost worth watching the movie  just to watch that.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

A young Rory in a flower pot
Disarming cuteness, Rory’ greatest weapon


Sorry to drag the answering of ten questions out into three posts! Soon I’ll finish with the random facts and may even nominate some blogs for the award. Stay tuned.

Kreativ award post part 3, last of the 10 questions
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2 thoughts on “Kreativ award post part 3, last of the 10 questions

  • 06-02-2012 at 2:19 pm

    Gee, I didn’t mean to create such a chore for you to complete, sorry! These awards are a mixed bag of treats, aren’t they?

    I’ve enjoyed learning more about you.

    • 06-02-2012 at 2:27 pm

      Oh no, writing these posts is not a chore at all! I’m sorry if I gave that impression. In fact, I really enjoy the game of Q&A and sharing random facts.

      I worry my posts may be a chore to read, but actually answering the questions and coming up with random facts is a lot of fun! I’m just very slow.


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