“This is what it feels like,” Kathryn says as she stares intently at a box of tissues. She tries with all her might to move the tissue. It sticks halfway out of the little cellophane crack that keeps the tissue from escaping too easily. Argus, her familiar, sits next to her, staring at the tissue as well.

He says, “There’s nothing worse than ill-behaved magic.” 

Kathryn says nothing, continuing to strain as she refuses to give up. Years of training have taught her to keep striving. But the tissue does not move, even as she pushes harder and harder.

Kathryn stops focusing on the tissue and looks at Argus. She says, “You know what this means. When Mother finds out…”

“Your mother can go fu—“

Kathryn holds up her hand, stopping him. “Mother only wants what’s best for me. And she’ll be so disappointed. I need to get my magic back.”

“If she wanted what’s best for you, she sure as hell wouldn’t be pushing you to enter the Dark Tournament.” Argus looks as if he has more to say, but he sees Kathryn glaring at him. Then he says, “Alright, alright! I guess there’s only one thing to do…


In case you haven’t noticed, Story Start Mondays have turned into Story Start Somedays. To be honest, the future of story starts is uncertain. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll disappear entirely. After all, these orphan story beginnings still deserve a chance to fulfill their destiny.

Story Start 19: Magic is a fickle mistress
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