I have something I’ve been meaning to get off my chest for a long time.

The ending of “Back to the Future” is totally unbelievable.

I mean, Marty has just returned home to find his “present” significantly altered. His family is different. And, he’s just been given a new pickup for a weekend away with his girlfriend.

Marty McFly with his new truck
Score! (image from gonemovies.com)

And then Doc shows up in a tizzy saying they have to leave now to go to the future to do something about his kids.

What the hell? Hello, you have a time machine! You could have waited until Marty had graduated from college, or at least until he had a free weekend. What’s the rush? Geez, for a smart guy, you sure can be stupid, Doc.

Of course, that doesn’t even touch upon the larger issue. We had just seen vivid evidence that messing with the past can change the present. Isn’t going to the future so something can be done with Marty’s kids just more tinkering with the natural flow of time (if there is such a thing)? Doc clearly hasn’t learned his lesson.

But, I guess from the standpoint of the time-traveler, their present is all that matters. Changing the past is risky because it might have devastating consequences for the present, but changing the future is okay because…

Wait, if there’s a future to travel to, that means that the time-traveler’s present is also the past. And, whatever future time he travels to is the past of a future beyond that. Does that future matter less than the present so that going forward in time to alter events is okay?

The point is, let Marty have his date at the lake with his girlfriend, for crying out loud.

Okay, thanks for letting me vent. I feel better now, though my brains kinda hurts.

Do you have any time-traveling insight to share?

The future can wait
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