Once I started writing this blog, I also started reading more blogs. The problem with that is it makes me realize how many clever, witty writers are out there.

I am humbled by their blogging prowess.

So, my inner voice (who often plays the role of inner critic) has a bit to say about this:

Inner Voice: Look at this blog by _____*. It’s brilliant! You laughed. You cried. You had epiphanies. You–

Random: I know. But– 

IV: What’s the point of blogging when blogs like those are out there waiting to be read?

R: Well, uh, I guess maybe my voice is unique…

IV: Uh-huh. You’re unique, just like everyone else.

R: That’s right! Hey, wait…

IV: Have you considered keeping a journal?

While I wrestle with that pesky IV, I suggest you check out the blogs listed in my sidebar, but don’t stop there. I’ve come across many others that I just haven’t gotten around to adding yet. You may never return here, but it will probably be for the greater good.

On the other hand, who else will link you to such fine entertainment as this video?


* Fill in this blank with any of the blogs in the sidebar. Or, check out The Blogess, Blogdramedy or Fix It Or Deal — just to name a few.

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