So this is how I would do it. I wouldn’t have guessed. The breeze pushed me back against the solid brick, but all I had to do was lean forward.

How certain was I if I wondered how certain I was? Like having a child, suicide was an either/or proposition; to be, or not to be. Oh Lisa, I’m sorry, I thought. Maybe if I had chosen to have a child with you, it would not have come to this.

I looked down for the first time. The people and the cars, like their sounds, were all diminished by the height. I could imagine how they would grow as I fell, becoming life-size at the instant before–

What the hell was I thinking? I shrank against the side of the building and stared straight ahead as I started to inch my way back to the open window to my left. Then it happened. Somehow, someone — or something — shove me from behind. The next thing I knew, I was falling.

Halfway down…

Story Start 15: Jumper
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