Last time I visited Ashland Cemetery, I came across this headstone. See if you are struck by the same thing I was:

Ashland Cemetery headstone

Yes, from this it looks as if her first name is irrelevant and it’s enough that she was the wife of W.E., but here’s the front of the same headstone:

Ashland Cemetery headstone

From that, at least we know her name was Jessie, and she was “A True & Loving W.”

But, back to the other side of the headstone. When I saw it, I read:

Wife of W.E.
Jan. 4, 1889
Mar. 25, 1893

At first I thought, “Hmm, so Jessie was 4 years old when she died, but during that short time she found the time to get married. I wonder if she also bore children of her own?”

Then I thought, “Maybe the dates are the years of her marriage.”

But then I looked more closely at the year of the first date:

Ashland Cemetery headstone-closeup

So, what I first took to be an ‘8’ is really a ‘6’ and the date actually reads Jan. 4, 1869.

Duh. Observant much? I’m guessing you read the correct date the first time so the question I have for you is this:

Does my mistake show:

  1. a trick of the eye thanks to the slight indentation on the left side of the 6 and the discoloration of the stone?
  2. encroaching senility?
  3. that I need new glasses?


Things were different then?
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2 thoughts on “Things were different then?

  • 12-16-2011 at 12:25 am

    I read it the same way as you – nice to know I’m approaching senility in good company !

    • 12-16-2011 at 12:01 pm

      I’m glad it wasn’t just me!


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