Now that fall is nearly over, I thought I’d post some pictures taken around Ashland over the last month or so. Of course, you might say, “Oh yeah, another batch of autumn color pictures. <yawn> Ho hum.” To that I say, “I know,” and “I’m sorry,” and “No one is forcing you to look at these. Or… are they?”

Let’s face it, if you’re being forced to look at these, you have bigger problems than looking at yet another set of pictures of autumn leaves.

Besides, how many times does such a collection of pictures include a monkey tree? 

And so, without further ado… Well, just a bit more ado. I’m also trying out a different way of displaying photos, so this is a sort of experiment. Thanks for participating! Clicking on the photos should bring up the full-size images without leaving the page. Also, I’m sprinkling this post with links to photos posted on Ashland Daily Photo.

One thing I’ve loved about Pacific Northwest autumns is how the trees turn gradually and not all at once. It’s not that uncommon to find trees with the leaves covering the spectrum from green to red all at the same time. This picture was taken half a block from home.

Fall colors in Ashland

Or, I’ll come across a tree that is a blazing orange, surrounded by other trees not quite ready to turn.

Orange autumn tree, Ashland

Here’s a sweet spot in Lithia Park.

Autumn park bench, Lithia Park

I’m not sure if it’s faulty memory, but I don’t remember seeing as many leaf-covered sidewalks around Bellingham as I do here in Ashland. I attribute that to a larger proportion of deciduous trees here, and perhaps a more laid back approach to clearing fallen leaves. In fact, so far I’ve only encountered two instances of those horrible leaf-blowers running in Ashland. (The first of those instances was in Lithia Park!)

Fall leaves in pile

Just for fun, I’m including a picture of a house nearby that looks to be abandoned (or badly in need of a paint job) and, therefore, haunted. Of course.

Ashland spooky house

And, finally, the monkey tree complete with red leaves and a Halloween mask on a pink monkey.

Monkey tree, masked monkey

Images of Autumn in Ashland
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