Don’t tell me you didn’t see a cemetery post coming from a mile away!

Bayview Cemetery in Bellingham is one of my favorite places. It’s a pleasure to stroll through and large enough to offer plenty of opportunities for exploration.

It’s also home to a grave marker I revisited many times over the years I lived there.

Bayview statue, black & white

I have many photos of this beauty, including a number taken with an infrared filter*. Such photos come out of the camera looking something like this:

Bayview Cemetery, infrared sample

In other words, the image comes out in monochrome. The red tint is easily changed, however.

Bayview statue, infrared

In this picture, you can see another cool grave-marker in the background.

Bayview statue, sepia IR

Finally, here’s an infrared photo layered with a color photo taken from the same spot.

Bayview statue, IR & color

Look for more images from Bayview in the coming weeks.

* The Nikon D50 has the ability to detect infrared wavelengths. I use a Hoya Infrared (R72) filter on my standard lens. Infrared images have the quality of grass and foliage coming out very bright, while sky and water come out dark.

The IR filter blocks out most visible light, so it’s impossible to see through the viewfinder of an SLR camera. That means any framing should be done without the filter first. Because so much light is filtered out, the shutter speeds are very low, so a tripod is practically required.

A look around the web will show you some amazing infrared images — far more beautiful than my pedestrian examples.

Views of my favorite grave marker (so far)
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