Have you ever listened to a song that made you shiver? Or that made you feel something you couldn’t quite put your finger on, but that was both compelling and uncomfortable at the same time?

Here are some songs that I find haunting. Now, for me, the hauntingness comes from the music itself. If the lyrics contribute, that’s great, but music has rarely (if ever) been about the lyrics.

I doubt I’ll post music often because I know how subjective music can be. I have no reason to believe you’ll like any of these songs. Then again, I’ve discovered some awesome music by stumbling upon someone else’s selection, so… 

These videos are all on YouTube. Most of them are just recordings of the track with some image for the “video” part. In other words, they’re for listening not watching.

I’ll list these in chronological order, not of the recording date, but of when it was current in my playlists. This first one is Under Ice by Kate Bush. In this case, the lyrics are part of the hauntingness, so I’m already violating my earlier point. Sheesh!

Next up, Sandman by This Ascension. This band was one of my favorites for a long time. There’s something deliciously creepy about their music.

This one may be a little obvious given the title is Ghost (by Lunasect), but the title of a song doesn’t necessarily say what the music itself evokes. I don’t know if this song makes me think “ghost” but I do find it haunting.

This next one, Buried Alive by Unwoman, features the cello, one of the most beautiful and haunting instruments ever created.

If you like dark, moody music, Katatonia might be up your alley. This is Soil’s Song.

Another group that serves up some consistently dark music is Trance to the Sun. I really wanted to post their song,  Reach for the Throat, but I couldn’t find an online source, so here instead is Homewrecker.

Finally, Red Water by Type O Negative.

Do you have any songs that haunt you?

Other Tidbits — zombie crypts and cats

Awhile back, I posted about a zombie crypt in the Mt. View Cemetery. Well, I’ve been informed that the crypt has since been removed! That means two things:

  1. I may have taken the very last photo ever of that monstrous structure.
  2. The city clearly removed the crypt in response to my previous post. You’re welcome, Ashland.

I have reason to believe our cats are possessed. I’m not sure why I think that.

Possessed cats

Haunting music, zombie crypts and cats
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