Fall colorsHappy Equinox! Or is it Merry Equinox? (I forget these little details.)

Yep, it’s all downhill from here.

It’s the first day of autumn, yet it still feels like summer. I’ve noticed that before. The “first day” of any season seems to come before the preceding season is really finished. If I get ambitious later, I’ll make up a spreadsheet and some charts to illustrate my point. (Embarrassing story:  I’ve actually DONE spreadsheets on silly things like pedometer step counts, or tracking character levels on World of Warcraft.) 

But I’m getting sidetracked. You see, as of yesterday, I’m licensed to drive again!

Random, license to drive

I have not driven in nearly two months. Shortly after arriving in Ashland, I realized that my Washington driver’s license had expired in July! I guess when I renewed my license five years ago, I should have made a mental note, “Renew license in 2011.” But, I’m embarrassed to say, I didn’t do that.

Finally yesterday, I went to the DMV and got an Oregon license. Luckily, I didn’t have to take a driving test. (I guess they figure someone who has been driving for many years probably has so many bad habits there’s no hope of passing the test without tying up some driving examiner for hours and hours of re-tests.)

I did, however, have to take a written test. I squeaked by with an 84%, but a pass is a pass. So, yay!

However, I feel one answer was unfairly marked against me. The question was something like:

You are driving on a two-lane road and you come upon someone riding a horse. The rider holds up a hand as you approach. What does this signify?

I don’t remember ever reading about that scenario in the driver’s manual. In fact, I find it hard to believe this is such a daily occurrence that it warrants inclusion on a 35-question test. But, I’ve been driving for years, so I should have been able to figure it out. In my head, I came up some possibilities:

Hands on steering wheel
This person was in on the switch from 10 and 2 o’clock to 9 and 3. Good for her.
  • The rider is friendly and is waving at you. You should notwave back since that would require taking your hands from 10 and 2 o’clock. (Oh, now it’s 9 and 3? WTF? Have steering wheels changed? Have clock-faces changed?)
  • The rider is signalling you to stop. You should quickly drive around the rider. They are not the boss of you.
  • The rider is asking for help deciphering the note they wrote in pen on their hand to remind themselves of something. You do NOT stop to get out of your car to read their hand (because you can’t just park your car on a two-lane road willy-nilly), but instead, you stop briefly, turn on your emergency lights, open your window, and shout back and forth with the rider to exchange cell phone numbers. Then, you each continue on the road until you find a safe place to pull off and call each other to arrange a time to meet up so you can help them with their indecipherable note.

Believe it or not, NONE of these was on the list of possible answers!

Sure, I took a stab, but guessed wrong. And no, I’m going to tell you what the right answer is. If you really want to know, you should move to Oregon and keep taking the written driver’s test until you get the one with the horse question.

The bottom line is, I’m legal to drive again. Of course, I may be rusty, so you might want to avoid Ashland for the next couple of weeks.

Domain transfer update

As of this morning, I am still getting to my old site with randomsays.com about half the time. Due to technical issues* that I’d be happy to elaborate upon (but won’t), I was not able to access the new site when randomsays.com was pointing to the old site. Yesterday, I changed some settings that will allow me access no matter what those crazy domain name servers are doing with my domain. The only thing you should notice is that the URLs up in the address bar look funny.

If you notice anything else wonky, please let me know!

* Technical issues elaborated

I know I said I wasn’t going to elaborate. I like to think I wasn’t lying so much as I changed my mind.

The WordPress software I have installed on my site has settings for the address of the site. As soon as I was directed to the new site when entering randomsays.com, I changed the settings so WordPress used randomsays.com as the site address. However, when randomsays.com directs me to the old site, I can’t get into my WordPress installation because it’s trying to get at the old location instead of the new.

Because this was annoying the crap out of me and had me feeling like I was in a sort of limbo, I changed the settings so my WordPress installation now uses the numerical address.

Two implications of this for you:

  1. If you enter randomsays.com and are taken to the new site, the address bar will read “randomsays.com” unless you click any of the internal links on the site, after which the address bar will have a numeric address like…..
  2. If you really wanted to ensure you always got to the new site, you could just enter:

I don’t really recommend you do this second one. Soon, I believe the internet will stop “remembering” the old location and this won’t be an issue anymore. Even if it doesn’t happen on its own, I’ll track down the head of the internet if I have to!

Happy Equinox (and other embarrassing stories)

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