So many things I could post, I feel… like. My. Head… is going to…

My head imploding

implode. Oops, too late. 

The masked mannequin

I went on a very long walk this afternoon along the Ashland city trail that runs from the railroad district all the way to the east end of town. Along the trail I found this gem I really have to share:

Masked mannequin with note
On the right side of the head’s neck is a “tattoo” drawn in pen that looks vaguely like a woman’s head.

Written on the piece of paper at the base is:

“All your Barbie
are belong to

Since I don’t have a Barbie, this does not really affect me, but some of you out may want to take the appropriate precautions.

The Monkey Tree

Just a few doors down the street from us is this sweet tree with dozens of stuffed monkeys hanging on its branches. It’s fun to look up and keep seeing more and more hidden behind the leaves.
Monkey tree

The signs hung on the tree trunk are there because someone stole a large monkey from the tree and the owner is asking for its return.
Stealing a stuffed monkey? Really? Sheesh!

Zombie Warning!

Of course the cutesy little stuffed monkeys were just a distraction from what’s really on my mind. Zombies.

I haven’t really given them much thought, and don’t quite get the current zombie “craze.” But, I think we can all agree that this picture gives clear evidence that at least one zombie is loose somewhere in or around Ashland.

Zombie crypt

I don’t know. Does it even makes sense for a zombie to have broken out of a mausoleum in the middle of Mt. View Cemetery? Maybe some other kind of undead?

It would be good to know what we’re dealing with here.

Coming up soon:

Possibly the coolest headstone ever!

Walking around Ashland: Barbie warning, the monkey tree and zombies
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