I continue to explore around Ashland. A few days ago I went on a walk with a vague notion of exploring the neighborhoods to the west.

It was another sunny day. Apparently “they” (the controllers of weather in southern Oregon) don’t realize that someone from Bellingham can’t handle so much sun. It burns. I have to squint. Sheesh. I’ve even had to look up the symptoms of too much Vitamin D! (I do have many of the symptoms. Dang sun.)*

Fortunately, I am getting used to the relentless flow of sunny warm days. (I’m even starting to get a tan!)

Mosaic Salamander
I met Larry the salamander early on in my walk. I was sad he couldn’t come with me, but he was stuck in the mosaic pretty good, so I had to leave him behind. 

Ashland walk
This isn’t anywhere special. I guess I’m just agog at all the bright colors and blue sky. I’ll probably get over it eventually.
Fountain near Lithia Park
I skirted the west side of Lithia Park and found this sweet little fountain nearby. The shade and water made for a nice little oasis.
Tree-lined street in Ashland
As I continued my walk, I climbed the streets leading west and found my way to Scenic Drive. From that elevation, I got some nice views of the hills and part of Ashland to the east.
Ashland in the valley
This is looking across the valley. The reddish thing in the lower third of the picture is a string of railroad cars that seem to be parked there long-term. (You can click on the picture for a larger view.) That part of Ashland is called the Railroad District, and it’s not far from where I live.
The Bard Inn, Ashland
The Bard is kind of a thing around here. This is part of The Bard’s Inn, a Best Western on the western fringe of downtown.
Mountain ash
I think this is called a mountain ash. I remember having one of those in our front yard where I grew up in Minnesota. I used to pull off one of those berry bunches and just kind of squeeze and all the berries would pop off their little stems and I’d have the perfect little projectile to chuck at my younger brother.Of course, I would never actually do such a thing!
Odd pom-pom plant
I came upon this weird pom-pom puffball plant. I don’t remember seeing such a plant before. Do any of you know what it’s called?

* In case you took my “complaints” about the sun seriously… The climate here has been an adjustment — especially the higher temperatures — but I am really enjoying the sun. The weather has been amazing and going outside is so easy. So, Mr. Sun, I didn’t mean it. I actually like you. Really!

Walking around Ashland
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6 thoughts on “Walking around Ashland

  • 08-25-2011 at 10:24 pm

    You’re getting a tan? Gasp! Next thing you know you’ll acquire a sunny disposition.

    • 08-25-2011 at 10:41 pm

      Bah! Rubbish! That will never happen. Well, unless that’s one of the side effects of too much Vitamin D. Or sunburn.

      Just to be safe, if you ever notice me exhibiting symptoms of a sunny disposition, please feel free to call me on it!


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