I finally took my bike out for the first time since the move. From the house, it’s only a mile or two to connect with the Bear Creek Greenway, a paved trail that runs all the way from Ashland to Medford. Since it’s a 20-ish mile ride one way, the full ride would be 40 miles, a distance I’m not in shape for yet.

It’s a beautiful trail much of the way as it dances with Bear Creek. It’s also giving me a sense of the landscape around here. Here’s my ride. It’s the funnest bike I’ve ridden since I was a kid.
Mountain bike

A vineyard looking back towards the west tip of Ashland.
Hills and grape field

Bear Creek runs to the left of the trail and passes through the dark gap in the trees on the left. I think this shot gives a pretty good idea of the color palette here.
Bike trail view

This is taken from near Phoenix (Oregon) looking back towards Ashland.
Bike trail view

I discovered that the Talent truck stops here.
Road sign through trees

A view of the hills rising out of the west end of Ashland. I’d be lying if I said that was the first cloud I’ve seen here, but not by much.
View of hills leading into Ashland

Another view from the trail nearing town.
Bike trail view

Moving to Ashland part 2, The Bear Creek Greenway
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