Alright, here is the first Story Start Monday. (See About Story Starts for more info.)

Feel free to add what happens next in the story. Or use this is a a writing prompt and see where you go with it. Have fun!


“Fifteen minutes to the coast,” Andrew said as he handed Dawn a Snickers bar without taking his eyes off the road.

Dawn took the candy bar, tore the wrapper and took a bite. “Mmm,” she said. “Got milk?”

Andrew did not answer right away. He pulled to the side of road and turned to Dawn. “Interesting. When we get one thing, it leads to wanting another.”

Dawn rolled her eyes. “I just want something to wash this down with. Why does it have to mean something?”

Andrew shrugged. “Everything has meaning,” he said. He reached under the seat and handed her a thermos. As they pulled back into traffic, he said, “We’re never going to find the meaning of life if you don’t realize that.”

Dawn opened the thermos and poured a cup of coffee. She sniffed the steam that rose from the hot black liquid and smiled. “The answer has to involve coffee somehow…

Story Start 1, candy and coffee
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