Today marks the two week anniversary of our move to Ashland, Oregon. This is our third move in the last three years so I’m well aware that moving is a pain in the ass.

We decided to use movers this time since we were moving nearly 600 miles away. It turns out using movers is a pain of a different sort, and overall the move was a bit of a fiasco. Maybe I’ll write about it someday, but it’s just too soon. I hope you understand.

Instead, let me post some of the photos I’ve taken around our new home.

I shot this a few days ago while wandering around not far from our house. This view is facing east-ish.
Hills northeast of Ashland

Looking west the hills look greener:
Hills around Ashland

Compare those to a photo I took a few days before leaving Bellingham:
Bellingham Bay & waterfront

Not a fair comparison given the weather on the two different days, you say? Maybe, but I’d say both days were good examples of the weather this year in each place. (No offense, Bellingham.)

Yesterday I finally pulled out my “big” camera (Nikon D50) and went for a walk away from downtown for the first time. I spent most of my time in the Ashland Cemetery. (Oh, did I mention cemeteries is one of my interests?)

This is one of the most crammed together bunch of headstones I’ve ever seen.
Headstones in the Ashland cemetery

I did take a few pictures outside of the cemetery:
Ashland sidewalk

I was trying to catch the shadows in the fence slats, but whatever.
Painted brick wall, Peerless Hotel in Ashland
No, this isn’t a major landmark in Ashland (so far as I know). I just thought it looked kinda cool.

And, here’s a shot of our new abode:
Front of house in Ashland

Moving to Ashland part 1
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