I read that the first post in a blog usually sucks, so I decided to get it over with.

Call me Random. For some reason, I’ve always liked the idea of the word ‘random’ used for a name – ever since I first read Nine Princes in Amber by Roger Zelazny. (You can read more about me on the About Random page.)

But enough about me. Let’s talk about this first post thing. It’s been lurking in my head (and on my hard drive) for over a week, yet only now am I getting it posted.

You see, I’m a procrastinator, so the process of getting this post to this point went something like this: 

[Random has a conversation with himself…]

Random1:  Hey, if the first post usually sucks anyway, I’ll just put some quick thing up and get it out of the way.

Random2:  Right. Except… don’t you want us to make a good first impression?

Random1:  Well, that’s true, I suppose. But no, I like the idea of the first post sucking! It’s really very freeing!

Random2:  Uh-huh. So, do you mean we should make it really suck? Like over the top, go for it kind of thing?

Random1:  Ha ha, that’d be fun!

Random2:  But, do we want to set that kind of precedent?

[Grows distracted by cats. Stops writing for the day. Word count: 0]

Fluffy white demon cat lying on floor
Distracting demon cat being all distracting. Plus, fuzzy.

[Several days pass. I’m busy unpacking and setting up our new house. Tuesday arrives.]

Random1:  Finally! I have my computer hooked up. We have internet. I’ve got time to take a break and get that first post cranked out.

Random2:  Good idea! Where were we? Oh yeah, sucky first post.

Random1:  You know, we’re in the middle of this move to a new city in a new state. Why don’t I write about that?

Random2:  True, lots of stuff to write about there. Oh! We can post photos of Ashland! Hm, too bad we haven’t had time to take any yet.

Random1:  Well, next time I take a break, I’ll grab the camera.

[A couple days pass. During that time I often think of the first post. I remember I need to take some pictures. I make a mental note. Then I think, first I should synchronize the photos between my two computers. More days pass. Word count: 0]

Random1:  This is ridiculous! It’s Sunday night and I want to get going by tomorrow. Start on a Monday. It’s a good starting day. It can be the first “Story Start Monday!”

Random2:  Oh, good point, yeah! Let’s read what we have so far. [reads through what had been written] Oh, this is no good.

Random1:  Fine, then I’ll just write something random!

Random2:  Great! But, will you do both a first post and a Story Start?

Random1:  (sighs)

[Begins typing this sucky first post…]

Random2:  Maybe add a photo?

Random1:  A photo of what? Nothing goes with… Fine, here you go:

Bike trail sign

Welcome to Random Says…
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