Killer K

Graph of Dictionary Pages per Letter

Have you ever had to play some alphabet game where you had to come with words that start with a certain letter? If so, you probably know that some letters are really challenging. Of course, there are the usual suspects. I’m looking at you, X, Z and Q. Then there are those letters that you don’t fear because you just…


Infrared Images

Bellingham Bay Shoreline in Infrared

My digital SLR camera, a Nikon D50, is able to detect infrared light. Using an infrared filter, I can take photographs of that light. Since infrared radiation is put out by heated objects, the resulting images tend to show the trees and grass brightly, but water and the sky is dark. An IR filter cuts out almost all visible light,…


Hiking Heliotrope

Heliotrope Ridge Coleman Glacier

Heliotrope Ridge is one of many beautiful hikes in the North Cascades in Washington. Edit: [11/10/2015] It had been a long day when I posted this, ergo the minimal text. But even with only a single sentence, I omitted a word when I submitted. Sheesh! Anyway, I also forgot to mention that I took all of the photos in this…


Freeware: Five Favorites

Freeplane Mind Mapping

Free is good, right? Sometimes, it’s surprisingly good, as I’ve found with the freeware listed below.

By “freeware” I mean software that is free, including open source software. While sometimes the “free” software has limited features or only works for a trial period, other freeware is fully functional with the only cost being an optional donation to the developer to support their work.

Over the years, I’ve found some really nifty utilities that deserve mention.


Diabolically Delightful Dante

Dante with wide eyes

A few years ago, we adopted a beautiful sable cat. He was already named Dante, and we liked the name, so we kept it.

I’m not sure why it is, but I associate the name ‘Dante’ with something slightly sinister. It’s probably because of the association with The Divine Comedy combined with another D-name, Damien, from The Omen.)


Book Betrayal

A couple of years ago, I bought a Kindle eBook reader. I was conflicted at the time. There’s a lot to be said for holding an actual book made of paper. It feel different with the heft and texture of the paper. It’s nostalgic, familiar.

But I was nonetheless intrigued by the idea of fitting hundreds of books into something roughly the size of a Cliff Notes.